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5 Weird Waffle Toppings That Work!

Let’s be clear: waffles will never get old. They can, however, get better! Check out these weird and wonderful waffle toppings that shouldn’t work but totally do!

1. Peanut Butter


There is very little that can’t be improved by the addition of peanut butter. Waffles are no exception. Slap some peanut butter on your waffle for an early morning protein punch to start your day off right!


2. Honey


Honey is no replacement for syrup, but can transform your waffle when used correctly. If you were on board for number one on this list, you drizzle a little honey on a waffle topped with peanut butter for a one-way express ticket to flavortown!


3. Booze!


Booze and brunch go together like… well, like booze and brunch. It just seems natural. Spike your waffles by folding a little liqueur into your whipped cream or syrup. No one’s going to judge you for eating a waffle right? … Right?


4. Mac & Cheese


This one’s a bit out there. The goal here is to get the right mix of sweet and savory we’ve come to know and love in chicken and waffles. Balance this out correctly and you’re taste buds will be doing a happy dance all morning!


5. Avocado


This one was bound to happen. People are putting avocado on everything these days. You can top your waffle with some avocados, chorizo, and some huevos rancheros and your morning will be muy bien amigos!
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