Chicago Waffles


There are few dishes that are more American than chicken and waffles. One theory suggests that waffles started to become a staple on American breakfast tables after Thomas Jefferson purchased a waffle iron from France in the 1790’s.

While many people think of chicken and waffles as a southern dish it does not appear in some of the earliest published southern cookbooks. Some food historians believe that the combination grew in popularity in the north after the end of the Civil War.

The dish became tied to the African-American community when it grew in popularity during the 1930’s in Harlem, NY. The craze moved out west in the 1970’s when Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles became huge hit in Los Angeles.

Chicago Waffles puts its own spin on the breakfast favorite. We add bacon to our homemade waffle batter and then give you even more bacon on top of our delicious chicken tenders and served with our famous spicy syrup.