Chicago Waffles


And the winner is…

This Sunday the movie world will be celebrating the best of the best with the 88th Academy Awards.  Over the years we have been blessed with some great films they included our biggest passion; food!

Some classics include Babette’s Feast, The Big Night and Fried Green Tomatoes.  We have recently been treated to the great Meryl Streep’s performance as Julia Child in Julie and Julia and the animated adventures of Remy the culinary rat in Ratatouille.  And who can forget the famous scene at Katz’s Deli in When Harry Met Sally?

Here at Chicago Waffles we are just as passionate about every meal prepared in our kitchen as the great actors like Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks are about each one of their roles.  Come on in and let our friendly staff serve you an award winning breakfast or lunch.  Everyone leaves Chicago Waffles a winner!