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An Education in French Toast

French toast has been a breakfast staple for years. Depending on where you live, download (8)French toast may be called a number of names, including Spanish toast, German toast, or poor knights! Making French toast is relatively simple. You take a whisk to some eggs, dip some bread in it, fry that bread, and boom! Breakfast is served!

F6023191884_ec2816f4b4_brench toast was first mentioned in a collection of recipes originating from the 4th or 5th centuries known as the Apicius. Early versions of French toast were a bit healthier as the bread was just soaked in sweet milk without eggs or frying. The French built on this recipe with a dish known as pain perdu. The Germans, Austrians, and Bavarians eventually developed their own take on the dish too.

French toast recipes often vary by region. Some adaptations are fried more heavily than others. In some instances, the toast is filled with a sweet syrup. Soaking the bread can vary as well, with some cultures soaking it in orange juice or rose water and others varying in when the bread is soaked (before or after cooking).

There’s no one right way to eat French toast. In fact, there’s no one right way to eat breakfast. That’s why Chicago Waffles gives you a variety of different options to eat breakfast in whatever way satisfies your personal guidelines for deliciousness. Stop into Chicago Waffles today for breakfast or lunch to start your day off right!