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They don’t call breakfast the most important meal of the day for nothin’! Breakfast matters. Skipping it can leave you feeling tired and cranky. When you start the day tired and cranky, you get less done. When you get less done, yo’ve got more work on your plate. When you get more work on your plate, you don’t have time for breakfast! And so the cycle continues. Break the chain with a hearty breakfast from Chicago Waffles! Still not convinced? Take a look at this!

The Benefits of Breakfast

Your Daily Dose of Vitamins


When you sleep, your body uses nutrients to replenish your cells, reinforcing your bones and fueling you up for the coming day. That means that, come morning, you’re a little drained vitamin-wise. Don’t miss your chance to refuel by skipping breakfast. Vitamins provide a variety of health benefits. While keeping track of which vitamins support what is a little tricky, we do know one thing: you know what’s in those 12-hour energy drinks? Vitamin B12! You know what you miss out on by skipping breakfast? B12, BINGO! No breakfast = no vitamins = no energy.

Increase Your Focus

images (15)Still following along? Good. When we feel hungry, our bodies are telling us we need vitamins and nutrients. Going hungry can throw a wrench in your mental gears in more ways than one. Vitamin deficiency can cause a lack of focus, so you’ve got that working against you. On top of that, you’re getting distracted by hunger. If you’ve got a monster in your stomach, growling at you every other minute, how can you focus on the task at hand? The solution is easy – eat breakfast!

Don’t Be Cranky!

If hunger was a disease, crankyness would be its telltale symptom. When we suffer from low blood sugar (a common side effect of missing breakfast), we get cranky. No one wants to walk alround in a bad mood all day. Fortunately, the treatment for your hunger symptoms is easy and delicious. Stop into Chicago Waffles for treatment anytime!

Eat to Lose Weight

images (16)When we wake up, our metabolism is at its fastest. On top of this, skipping breakfast has been shown to increase the chances of people eating more throughout the day to compensate. In skipping breakfast, you miss out on the chance to eat to support your weight loss. If you’ve ever tried to shed a few lbs before, you’ll understand why this is a can’t-miss opportunity.

Alright, we’ve made our case. The decision is in your hands: enjoy a delicious breakfast at Chicago Waffles or be cranky, tired, and unfocused all day. The choice is pretty clear. Stop in to Chicago Waffles for breakfast today!