Chicago Waffles


Why Waffles are Still the Perfect Dessert

Are you craving a sweet treat?  Well, good! We have got all of your dessert needs covered with our indulgent menu of tasty, sweet waffles at Chicago Waffles.  Yes, we believe that waffles are not just for breakfast…or lunch or dinner, for that matter. They also make the perfect dessert.  

And, what is not to love about them?  Waffles are essentially pastries. Everyone loves pastries!  They are versatile, portable, flavorful and so much more. You can dress them up, and put anything on them, in them or beside them.  Or, you can dress them down, and just eat them like the delicious, fluffy cakes that they are with some whipped butter and syrup. Really, is there anything better?

Waffles are the kind of food that really entice the imagination (not to mention the taste buds).  They are these beautiful lattice creations with those nooks and crannies that just crave to be filled with all sorts of sweet goodies, stuffed full of dreams of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, cinnamon, whipped cream – the possibilities are endless.  

So, for those days when you just need to end the day on a (sugar) high note, or hey, maybe you would rather start your day off on that same note, stop by one of our locations for the ultimate dessert experience.  Whether you are craving a chocolate, red velvet, liege or cinnamon roll cake, or want to create your own sugary sweet dreamland by adding some of our delicious toppings, like berry compotes, ice cream, candied walnuts, cinnamon apples and more to our Original Belgian waffle, our menu is here to cater to your deepest dessert fantasies!  

Here is just a little sneak peek at some of our most indulgent waffles on the menu that are sure to hit the spot:

  • Original Belgian – Sprinkled powder sugar, a side of hot maple syrup and whipped butter. Add fresh strawberries, blueberry compote, blackberry compote, banana, candied walnuts or cinnamon apples for an extra treat.
  • Waffle Flight – Red Velvet, Chocolate, Liege and Green Tea waffles topped with blackberry, strawberry, bananas and hazelnut chocolate.
  • Chocolate Waffle – Chocolate batter served with strawberry ice cream, vanilla sauce and fresh whipped cream and candied walnuts.
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffle – Our own cinnamon roll recipe topped with sliced cinnamon apple caramel sauce.
  • Liege Waffle – Made with pearl sugar, seasonal berries and chocolate chips.
  • Red Velvet Waffle – Topped with vanilla cream cheese, fresh strawberries, walnuts and chocolate sauce.
  • Green Tea Waffle – Served with Chantilly whipped cream, candied ginger and grounded pistachio.
  • Chicago’s Waffles Best – Belgium waffle topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, blueberry compote, candied walnuts, chocolate chips, caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Is your mouth watering yet?  Stop by and see us at 1104 West Madison Street.  Dessert awaits!