Chicago Waffles


Catering Your Next Big Event

Creating and delivering quality catering is something that we here at Chicago Waffles do best.  It’s an important part of what we do every day because we know that it’s also an important part of your day.

Our team of professional caterers specializes in crafting and delivering food for off-site clients, events, parties and more for every occasion and every meal of the day.  The culinary talent on our team is absolutely unmatched when it comes to creating the perfect menu for your gathering. And, with our catering services you and all of your guests will receive the same quality, flavor and focused care that all of our in-house restaurant guests receive each and every day.  

Chicago Event Catering Service

If you ask our regulars, there’s nothing quite like having a feast with Chicago Waffles.  Our menu of delicious, sweet, savory, healthy and indulgent options has something to satisfy absolutely every craving.  That’s why our catering services are perfect for both small private parties as well as large corporate occasions gathering for breakfast, brunch and beyond.

We all know that the best way to fuel up at the beginning of a day is with a delicious meal that will keep you smiling throughout your day.  That’s why we’ve filled our catering menus with loads of your restaurant favorites to help put smiles on faces and fuel energy to up productivity.  So, help your guests, whatever the occasion, begin (and end) their day with more than a simple cup of coffee.

Some of the most common occasions we get called in to cater for include everything from morning meetings, to training seminars, employee appreciation days, conferences, conventions, even company retreats.  But, our catering services aren’t limited to just the corporate world. We know that other occasions and celebrations also call for a delicious catered spread, like bridal parties, engagement events, baby showers, birthdays, family reunions, religious celebrations and so much more.     

With Chicago Waffles, catering an event has never been easier – or more delicious!  Simply head over to our website, and check out our menu. Choose the items you’d like to serve at your next event, and call us with the details (e.g. time, location, menu choice, dietary restrictions, etc.).  We’ll take care of the rest!

We cater awesome hot and cold events and other occasions all across Chicagoland. Our highly trained culinary crew and delivery specialists are fully equipped to make sure that you always receive the best-catered treats wherever your event takes us!  With Chicago Waffles catering services, your items will always arrive hot and ready (or cold if that is the case).

Want Chicago Waffles to cater your next gathering?  Whether you’re looking to treat a small get-together or feast at a large corporate event, we’ve seen it all and can provide a delicious and unique meal that goes great with any occasion.  We offer buffet-style setups and menus as well as individual plates per person. So, next time you really want to impress your guests, let Chicago Waffles cater. For more information on our catering services and menu, give us a call at (312) 854-8572.