Chicago Waffles


In 2013, chicken and waffle lovers everywhere experienced the outrage of Lay’s Chicken & Waffle Chips. These crunchy little heathens entered our world claiming to represent chicken and waffles (and all their glory). But the true loyalists saw past the facade. And it didn’t take much.

chicken and waffles chips


The nutrition facts were a who’s who of chicken and waffle posers, including:

  • “Spices”
  • Caramel Color
  • Yeast Extract
  • (and, we’re not kidding here) Chicken & Waffles Seasoning

Real chicken & waffles have two major components, chicken… and waffles. Here’s the thing: a chicken & waffle chip does not a chicken & waffle make. There are plenty of good places in Chicago to get your fix (we’re one of them). So why waste your time with the pretenders? Stop in today to experience the true magic of chicken & waffles as they were meant to be – on a plate