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Eating together improves our mental health

Family time has many benefits, such as making people feel more confident, strengthening their emotional bonds with each other, improving their communication skills, doing better in school, and having fewer behavioral problems. It also gives people the chance to make memories based on fun, laughter, and being together.

It’s easy to let short messages and phone calls replace face-to-face talks in today’s fast-paced, digital-driven society, especially in busy households with teens and children. But research shows that nothing can replace the time-honored ritual of gathering around the table for a family meal, particularly when it comes to the emotional wellbeing of those involved. Eating meals with family and friends is a big part of keeping your mental health in good shape.

People have a basic need to connect with other people, which makes them feel like they belong. Increased connection leads to increased support and trust among family members or friends, which leads to increased happiness.

According to one study, regular family meals are related to improved family functioning, healthier relationships, and improved social and emotional health in parents!

Communicating well during mealtime is encouraged by the shared experience. The family or friend dinner hour might be a great time for people to talk to each other and build relationships. The location of feasts and the food they consume are less important than the conversations that take place there. If we want to “figure things out,” we need to establish a comfortable and loving space where we can have meaningful conversations. Intimacy and a sense of belonging are also fostered via routine family mealtimes.

Those who dine alone miss out on family time and social support compared to those who eat with others. Family dinners that everyone enjoys are an excellent way to strengthen bonds. When members of a family know they can always rely on one another, it helps them feel loved, protected, and secure. When family members learn and agree with the family’s core values and ideas, they form emotional bonds with each other.

Eating with loved ones also promotes mindful eating. When we take the time to sit down at a table and converse with others, we pay greater attention to what we eat. The senses of sight, smell, and taste are enhanced. According to studies, mindful eating lowers the chance of overeating, which lowers the risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

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