Chicago Waffles


French toast, which has also been called eggy bread, German toast, gypsy toast and Spanish toast, might be one of the oldest breakfast dishes still being served today.

Some of the earliest recipes for French toast can be found in Latin recipes as early as the 4th century. The dish became widely popular during medieval Europe as French toast was often served with meats or game birds.

Chicago Waffles has perfected the art of making French toast and offers four delicious varieties. Our pound French toast comes topped with blueberries and chocolate sauce. The rasin challah comes topped with candied walnuts and caramel sauce. Our cinnamon swirl French toast features freshly sliced bananas and caramel sauce. And for those with an adventurous side, try the red velvet French toast that is stuffed with cream cheese and covered in fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

No matter with dish you order, you will love our take on this old time breakfast standard!