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Give me that chocolate waffle

Chocolate. A source of enjoyment and pleasure. Whether we are celebrating something, we want to improve our mood, or simply enjoy delicious snacks, chocolate is always the right choice. Nine out of ten people love chocolate. The tenth person always lies. We are sure of that.

Americans spend $10 billion yearly on chocolaty treats. It is not all bad news, as numberless studies show chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has many health benefits. But not so infrequently, chocolate is at stake when it comes to a healthy diet. Enjoying chocolate is often associated with being overweight, and therefore not the healthiest food.

Most chocolate comes into one of three categories: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Chocolate’s darkness is determined by the balance of cocoa solids produced from cocoa beans, associated with cocoa butter and sugar. Dark chocolate is full of nutrients that can undoubtedly affect your health.

A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor away

Dark chocolate has flavonoids, the plant chemicals that give all of the good essences. Studies explain that the antioxidants found in dark chocolate work to provide benefits. Its high antioxidant content has the potential to decrease blood pressure, lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease and grow blood flow.

Milk chocolate isn’t as nutritional as dark chocolate. But, it should be emphasized that chocolate makes us happy. Not just because it tastes fantastic. There are chemical components within chocolate that make it irresistible, such as phenylethylamine. It is an organic compound, that when released in the body stimulates a similar feeling to one falling in love. It also works as an antidepressant when coupled with the dopamine that exists typically in the brain. Chocolate boosts the creation of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter identified to have calming effects.

Dark chocolate may also increase the employment of your brain. Flavonoids in dark chocolate have a positive impact on brain function. That includes fitter reaction time, visual-spatial awareness, and more powerful memory.

From a distant history to a favorite candy

The history of cocoa and chocolate goes back almost 4,000 years. Chocolate was first consumed for medicinal purposes. It was only later that chocolate became popular as food due to its tempting taste. The history of chocolate can be traced to the ancient Mayans and even earlier to the ancient Olmecs of southern Mexico.

The chocolate came to North America on a Spanish ship in 1641. Chocolate manufacturing in the USA started as early as the colonial period. The production of chocolate was very expensive in the beginning and therefore it was unavailable to many. In 1737, an inventor produced the machine that could grind cocoa, obtaining the making of chocolate suitable and economical. Through the Revolutionary War, chocolate was incorporated in rations.

With all this in mind, we are ready to pay tribute to the beautiful chocolate with our delicious chocolate waffle. If you have the same desire, order your waffles online or visit us at one of our locations.