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Good food and good mood

“Man is what he eats”, exclaimed the German philosopher Feuerbach long ago. People occupy in eating behavior as a matter of survival, every day. The influence of food on the well-being of man is undeniable. This relationship with food is as deep and revealing. Today, we are more aware than ever how much food can affect health.

Research has shown that our eating habits are significantly influenced by our perception of food. If, for example, chocolate ice cream is your favorite flavor, you will consume it with a full measure of delight. The brain will recognize this positive intake by sending activation signals to the organism. Digestion will be stimulated, and you’ll have a fuller metabolic breakdown of the ice cream while burning its calories more efficiently. Millions of people eat and drink, while not coming to their minds, that their convincing thoughts affect how they will tolerate food.

The majority of eating happens more in response to psychological factors such as cognitions, hedonics, emotions, and our surroundings. These reasons linked to cognitions, hedonics, emotions, and our environment, can be considered psychological reasons for eating. We can say that a balanced diet is a matter of a balanced mental state.

Each of these factors has its share and importance in the way we eat. Therefore, none of them should be left out, if we want to have a psychological balance. Food can have a great impact on our mental state. Each of us knows very well how a favorite food affects a good mood. The mood is described as a psychological arousal state lasting at least several minutes and usually longer, with dimensions that correlate to energy, tension, and pleasure. Food can alter the mood that is present and transpiring both before and after its consumption.

Changes in food choices or preferences in response to our temporary mental state, such as comfort foods in times of low mood, or variations in appetite from stress, are common human experiences. What we eat may affect the way we feel.

We know that a balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly. The diet should be rich in healthy and nutritious ingredients. But the hedonic moment should not be neglected either. That’s why we from Chicago Waffles strive every day to bring a smile to your face with our delicious menu.

Many years of experience in preparing the most delicious food makes us recognizable to all our customers. Fresh flavors of the highest quality ingredients will make you our regular guest. Visit us and order one of our excellent dishes and see why they love us.