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Holidays can boost happiness…so do waffles

Winter is perhaps the most nostalgic, but certainly, a beautiful time of year, filled with many holidays and times when we think about the previous year and dedicate more time to ourselves and our loved ones. Unfortunately, the past year has brought great temptations and uncertainty in the form of a pandemic. However, the holidays are perhaps the best way to overcome all the adversities that we hope will soon be behind us. People who are more festive throughout the holidays often have traditions that support social connections and encourage them to feel a sense of belonging.


The mere thought of holiday traditions returns smiles to most people’s faces. Holidays evoke feelings of delightful joy and nostalgia. We can almost scent those candles, taste those great meals, hear those well-known songs in our minds.

Ritual points some valuable moments in our lives, from personal milestones like birthdays or weddings to seasonal celebrations like Thanksgiving and religious holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah. Certain psychological studies indicate that rituals increase consumption.


Of course, one of the most important things that characterize the holidays is food. Food is a significant part of any celebration. Holidays are definitely the time of year when we usually allow ourselves a little relaxation and maybe a few more calories than usual. Food acts like a cloak of comfort – something many of us look for and welcome around the holidays. All cultures have rituals that revolve around food and meal preparation. Of course, special events expect special meals. So most cultures maintain their best and most fancy dishes for the most important holidays. Good food definitely contributes to a better holiday mood.


We are sure that one of the ways to brighten up your holidays is to enjoy your favorite waffles. Besides, waffles can certainly brighten up and sweeten all the other winter days, when we miss the sun and nice weather. And regular nutrition is significant for the overall health of our body. Brighten up the holiday season with your favorite flavors of chocolate, ice cream, maple syrup, fresh whipped cream. If waffles are what you’re craving, go ahead and order them.

We single out for you from our offer:


CHICAGO WAFFLES’ BEST With two scoops of vanilla ice-cream, fresh strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, whipped cream

CHEDDAR & SHORT RIB WAFFLE Cheddar waffle, signature braised short ribs, cheddar cheese, chives


BLUEBERRY LEMON CHEESECAKE WAFFLE Homemade lemon cheesecake & blueberries



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