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Is too healthy unhealthy?

Of course, we agree that it is vital to take care of your diet. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health and fitness. But on the other hand, we often have the impression that nowadays it is an exaggeration to talk about a healthy diet.

Can there be such a thing as an overly healthy diet?

Many people are familiar with the more well-known eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, but few are aware of orthorexia nervosa, a solemn eating disorder. Orthorexia is a life-threatening condition that requires treatment, despite the fact that it is not yet a formal diagnosis in the DSM-5.

A “fixation on righteous eating” is defined as orthorexia nervosa. There’s a fixation on the quality and purity of the food you eat, as well as a desire to be “healthy.” In other words, orthorexia develops when a person’s obsession with food being clean, raw, fresh, organic, GMO-free, and so on negatively impacts their quality of life and able to engage in social eating events. Orthorexia is when wanting to be so pure and righteous leads to important nutrients being excluded and your mental and physical wellbeing being negatively impacted.

Some people will even distance themselves from relatives and friends who eat differently than they do. Orthorexia patients are more concerned with eating healthy than being thin, as is the case with anorexia. The issue is that following such a rigorous diet can leave you deficient in some nutrients.

If we don’t appreciate the physiology of the human body and mind, we may be doing more harm than good in our quest for health. Even food can have too much of a good thing. Fruits are high in nutrients, but it doesn’t imply we should eat them all the time. Protein is necessary for repair, muscle tone, and recovery, but it does not mean we need more of it.

Although certain fats are unhealthy, this does not mean we should avoid them entirely. It is a widely held concept that in order to be healthy, we must consume an increasing amount of healthy foods. And this can lead to overeating and ingesting too many calories. Besides, overeating can cause the stomach to expand beyond its usual capacity, leaving you feeling bloated.

In addition, you have probably noticed that the list of healthy foods changes periodically. What was once considered healthy is no longer so healthy. And vice versa.

We will adhere to the philosophy that moderation is paramount. As well as enjoying life. Enjoy every bite. Take the time to appreciate the flavor and texture of your food.

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