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What is your first association when you hear the word avocado? It always reminded us of something exotic, something delicious and refreshing. Avocados originally arrived from Mexico and Central America, where the autochthonous Nahua people used them as food. The avocado plants did not receive serious attention until about 1900. In this period, horticulturists found that the cultivation of avocado trees was simple and allowed the preservation of superior seedlings and the establishment of orchards. Flourishing avocado industries have since expanded around the world in proper climates. Many types of avocado differ in shape and color, from pear-shaped to round and green to black. The most popular type is the Hass avocado, and they estimated for about 80% of all avocados eaten worldwide.

Avocado is considered a superfood. That’s due to its unique taste, which fits perfectly in many combinations, as well as the incredible nutritional value. Superfood is food that provides a high quantity of nutrients and antioxidants from which we can take benefits. Avocados are highly nutritious and contain a wide diversity of nutrients, including 20 various vitamins and minerals. The vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats you get from avocados help prevent disease and preserve your body in good shape. Avocado is superfood because it owns a lot of nutrients and antioxidants, such as folic acid, Omega 3, magnesium, potassium, lutein and fibre. Avocado is rich in A, C, D, E, K vitamins and B Group vitamins too. 

In the old days, avocados were called āhuacatl by Nahua peoplewhich happened to mean “testicles.” Scholars believe the Nahua picked the name because the fruit has a very suggestive shape and was considered an aphrodisiac. Whether it’s name headed the ancient people to consider of the fruit as an aphrodisiac or their belief in the fruit’s aphrodisiac powers that led to the name, no one knows.

The health benefits that avocados bring are numerous. The list of conditions on which avocados can have a positive effect is quite long… digestion, cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis, depression, inflammation, blood pressure, vision and finally pregnancy. Avocados are very high in fiber and potassium, which helps to maintain electrical gradients in your body’s cells and serves numerous essential functions. Avocados enhance antioxidant absorption from other foods, and they are also high in antioxidants themselves. They are filled with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Most of the healthy fat in avocado is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. This heart-healthy fat helps lower cardiovascular inflammation.

We hope we’ve been able to tell you a little bit about how good avocado is. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to include avocado in our menu and we recommend you to try our avocado toast. Check out our menu and see all delights we have prepared for you, or stop by one of our two well-known locations. From now on a new member of the Chicago Waffles team is Matty’s, 10S642 Kingery Hwy, so you can enjoy our delicious snacks at this location as well.