Chicago Waffles


In the restaurant business, we are in a unique and privileged position to support our fellow essential workers as they keep our society going through this strange and difficult time.

These front line workers keep us safe and provide for our basic needs without question or complaint, and at Chicago Waffles, we are excited to announce a new program that we have launched in an effort to give back to those who continue to serve.

Join us in supporting the Doctors and Nurses at Chicago’s Rush University Medial Center!

We have set up a fund for this program that will be kept separate from our business revenue. Using the resources available to us, we hope to provide as many delicious meals as possible, but with your support, we can make those resources stretch even further.

Donations are being accepted in any amount, but we ask that donors consider giving at least $5 per donation to help us build and maintain this program for the long run.

Please click the button below to begin, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ongoing updates about this program and how your donations are being put to work.