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No dispute! We love it when someone respects us and tries to build good relations with us. We also like to get gifts or free stuff. And this is where we come to one of the most popular social media marketing strategies today. That’s right, it’s a giveaway.

Giveaways have become a popular marketing tactic to engage audiences and increase brand awareness. Whether it’s a free product, a discount code, or a gift card, giveaways create a buzz around a brand and encourage people to take action. But have you ever wondered why people are so eager to participate in giveaways? People enjoy the thought of getting something for nothing. Marketers are taking advantage of this need for free things to spread the word about their products, acquire new customers, and improve sales.

Reciprocity is a powerful psychological trigger that drives people to give back when they receive something. When you offer a giveaway, you provide value to your audience, creating a sense of indebtedness. People feel more inclined to reciprocate by following the brand, leaving a review, or purchasing products. By offering a giveaway, you are not only providing value to your audience, but you are also establishing a relationship with them.

In return for accomplishing one of the things you want them to do, you enter them into a prize draw. In this case, you and the audience both get something good out of the deal. You get a new lead, and the person who enters has a chance to win something great.

Another very tempting thing is the thrill of the game. Giveaways often involve an element of chance, and people love the thrill of the game. Whether it’s a random drawing or a competition, the possibility of winning something creates excitement and anticipation. This excitement can increase engagement and brand loyalty as people become more invested in the brand and its offerings.

We all want to feel important and valued, and giveaways can tap into this need for validation. When someone wins a giveaway, they think they have accomplished something, and the brand loves them. This feeling of assurance can lead to increased brand loyalty and advocacy, as people want to continue to be associated with a brand that values them.

People love feeling part of an exclusive club or community; giveaways can tap into this desire. By offering a giveaway to a select group or a limited-time offer, you create a sense of exclusivity that drives people to take action. This exclusivity can also increase a brand’s perceived value and offerings.

Now that you know how the giveaway works, feel free to follow one of our Instagram profiles and participate in one of the current or future giveaways or take advantage of other benefits we offer our guests. We are thinking of you!