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Pancakes around the world

Pancakes (and their variations) can be found in literally every country in the world, which is no surprise since they are one of the oldest prepared foods.

When you hear the word pancake you probably think of a stack of hot, fluffy flapjacks, usually covered in maple syrup, fresh berries or some other familiar topping. But what does a pancake look like in some European or Asian country? Keep on reading, we are here to present you pancakes around the world and we are sure you’ll be surprised!


Crêpes came from France, but are enjoyed all over the world. They are made with wheat flour, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt. One of the things that makes them different from classic American pancakes is that the batter is loose and it spreads easily on the pan making a very thin pancake. They can be sweet (crêpes sucrées) or savory (crêpes salées), depending on your preferences.

Blinz, blinchiki, blini, palacsinta

Pancakes made in some Eastern European countries resemble crêpes a lot. They are thin, they can be savory or sweet and are usually rolled in a tube. These sweet pancakes are usually filled with fruit jam, while savory are filled with cheese and ham.


German variations of pancakes are quite similar to the ones we mentioned above. They look like crêpes, but they are made from thicker batter. Usually Pfannkuchen is served with jam or applesauce.

Dutch baby

When you cook a Pfannkuchen in the oven instead of on the stove, you get a Duch baby. This delicious pancake is the perfect dessert for fall. It’s often seasoned with vanilla, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, occasionally studded with tender apples or pears.


Like Dutch baby, Pannukakku is also cooked in the oven. Pannukakku’s home is Finland and the interesting thing is that the batter is spiked with vanilla. They are usually topped with jam, berries, cream or powdered sugar.

Red Velvet Waffle


We bet you know (and love) tortilla, but did you know that tortilla also qualifies as a pancake? This thin flatbread is used in dishes like tacos and quesadillas.


Arepas are a traditional Venezuelan and Colombian dish. They can be filled with cheese or served as a sandwich. There is a difference between Arepas in Venezuela and Arepas in Colombia. In Venezuela, arepas are palm-sized and they are thick and rounded and often split open and filled similarly to pita bread, while in Colombia, they are larger, flatter and floppier, folded around fillings.

We already said that there are many pancake variations in the world. That’s why there will be part two of this article. In the meantime, give us a visit and choose your favorite pancake from our menu. We’re waiting for you at Chicago Waffles!