Chicago Waffles


This week we take a day to honor and remember the 44 men who have served this country as President of the United States.  No matter if they are overrated, underrated, not appreciated or adored by generations, they all get their honor on Presidents Day every February.

While none of our Presidents were ever known for knowing their way around the kitchen, they have all had their favorite foods while living in the White House.  Our 40th President Ronald Reagan was known for his sweet tooth and especially his love chocolate.

There is no doubt that Mr. Reagan would have loved our chocolate waffle.  We take our freshly made chocolate batter a serve it with strawberry ice cream, vanilla sauce along with whipped cream and candied walnuts.

If you have a sweet tooth or if you want to eat on the healthy side our menu; we have what you are looking for and it won’t cost a lot of Presidents to enjoy your meal!