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Sweet or savory breakfast?

As breakfast lovers we enjoy the fact that we can choose whether our breakfast is sweet or savory.

Some people will switch between sweet and savory on a daily basis, while the others have one preference between these two options.

Why do we crave sweet or savory in the morning?

We eat breakfast in the morning to kick start our metabolism and avoid hunger throughout the day. The most important reason for whether you’ll eat sweet or savory in the morning lies in what you had for dinner. When we eat a dinner rich in carbohydrates, our blood sugar levels rise and then crash, which means that the body demands something sweet to balance it out. For example, if you had a plate of pasta before going to bed, it is much more likely that you’ll wake up craving something sweet.

There is also an explanation for craving salty foods in the morning. This reason is lack of sodium, which is usually caused by dehydration. If you had wine or beer with your dinner instead of a glass of water, or if you exercised and did not rehydrate properly in the evening, you may wake up craving the saltiest food there is, when in fact all you need is a big glass of water.

Which option is healthier?

Have you ever wondered if one type of breakfast is healthier over another?

The answer is both yes and no. You want to make sure you’re getting protein in the morning, but protein can come in both forms – the form of savory, like eggs or meat, as well as sweet options like Greek yogurt, nuts or oats.

What’s important is that breakfast is complete enough and that it gives us the necessary energy to start the day, whether it is to exercise, go to work or do some other tasks.

A savory breakfast with protein is the healthiest option for a daily routine. A sweet or high carb breakfast will lead to short term energy, and long-term health issues. A sweet breakfast like pancakes, waffles or other high carb breakfasts should be had in moderation, not overdone.

Pancakes are actually breakfast foods. And the good thing is that pancakes can be both sweet and savory.

Whether you like your breakfast sweet or savory, we at Chicago Waffles offer you a great variety of breakfast options.