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Things you didn’t know about Monte Cristo sandwich

Sometimes we just need to relax and enjoy our food without thinking about calories. We hope you love the Monte Cristo sandwich as much as we do. And since we love it, we wanted to share with you more about it.

Who was Count Monte Cristo?

The Count of Monte Cristo is a legendary novel written by French author Alexandre Dumas. This novel is one of his most popular works, along with The Three Musketeers.

A young man named Dantes was wrongfully accused and sent to prison, which he escaped and went on a revenge on the people who imprisoned him. Count Monte Cristo is an alias he used as he arrived from the Orient to Paris. The story takes place in the 1930s in fashionable Paris and since this novel is one of the world’s classics, we know you want to read it (if you haven’t already).

We won’t let you know the plot and the ending of the novel, but we will tell you more about the famous Monte Cristo sandwich.

The Monte Cristo sandwich is made of two slices of white bread and it contains ham, turkey or chicken and a slice of cheese. It’s dipped in beaten egg and fried in butter. The secret to this sandwich is the batter and getting it just right. The Monte Cristo sandwich is served with powdered sugar and jelly on the side, so if you love a sweet-savory combination it offers, then it is perfect for you.

Some consider the Monte Cristo sandwich the ultimate comfort food for any meal of the day. We agree!

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It is believed that Monte Cristo sandwich is a variation of a French Croque Monsieur sandwich. This original grilled cheese sandwich consisted of Gruyere cheese and lean ham between two slices of crustless bread, fried in clarified butter. It was originally served in a Paris cafe. The first time it was served in the US was in the 1950s in southern California. Monte Cristo sandwich gained its popularity after the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland started serving it.

If you haven’t tried this delicious sandwich yet, we believe now is the right time to do it. We’re waiting for you at Chicago Waffles. Stop by when you feel hungry!