Chicago Waffles


A great, successful catering service requires a very specific set of honed skills – not unlike that of our catering crew here at Chicago Waffles!  Each occasion and event presents its own challenges, from setting the menu, to cooking, to dealing with marketing, accounting and customer relations.  Fortunately, our clients can vouch for our ability to deliver every time, because our team possesses the key characteristics needed to deliver outstanding service.  Here’s where we excel:

  • Great Food – You can’t cater a great event without first cooking up some great, quality food!  The menu is key. It doesn’t matter how incredible an event’s décor may be or how beautiful the location is; if the food doesn’t hit the mark every time, the clients will never return.  Our catering team is rounded out by trained, experienced cooks who can plan the menus, prep the meals in a timely manner, reheat them to perfection and transport it all safely to your location ready for your guests to devour!  
  • Creative and Flexible Staff – Depending on your specific need, sometimes recipes need to be reformed or adjusted to cope with particular food allergies or religious requirements of your guests.  Fortunately, our catering team can easily adapt and will always go out of their way to make things work according to client wishes.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Our staff is held to the expectation of delivering excellent, courteous and tactful customer service to every single client because we believe you and your guests deserve to be satisfied every time.  Even when it comes to putting together the perfect menu for your event, as professionals, we know how to be diplomatic and tactful for those times when it’s required to persuade a client to substitute a particular ingredient or change a dish altogether to exceed expectations.  We do what we do just for you, and we know that our superior communication skills will help us build a trusting relationship with you and your guests.
  • Keen Attention to Detail – Caterers can be in charge of everything from the table décor to the food presentation, and that requires a team that pays close attention to detail.  Not only is it professional practice, but it also helps to avoid situations that could possibly spoil an event for the client or reflect poorly on a business or person.  With our eye for detail, you won’t have to worry about any of that!
  • Strong Leadership – Our catering team is made up of cooks, servers, cleaners and more, all of who require strong leadership to lead them through a successful service.  And, we more than succeed on that front! We ensure that our entire team is right on schedule and that there are no compromises being made when it comes to food safety standards, expectations and regulations.   

Whether you’re holding a small get-together or hosting a large corporate event, here at Chicago Waffles, we’ve seen it all and can provide a delicious and unique meal that goes great with any party.  We will work to tailor make a menu just for you, whether you’re looking to serve individual plates per person or opting to go buffet-style. So, if you’d like Chicago Waffles to cater your next party or event, call us today for more information at (312) 854-8572.