Chicago Waffles


5 Reasons Why We Love Being in the West Loop

In case you haven’t heard, our new West Loop location is now open!  We are so thrilled to be a part of such a vibrant neighborhood, and we can’t wait to show and tell you just how much we love this new location!

From restaurants and nightlife, to art and culture, the West Loop has it all.  It’s the hottest neighborhood in town with a flourishing nightlife, upscale bars, new local businesses popping up every week, a surge of hip new residents and young professionals as well as uniquely contrasting industrial architecture that stands against modern luxury amenities.  That’s why we’ve chosen the West Loop to bring our delectable menu to a whole new crowd of food lovers. And, just to drive home the point of how excited we are to be a part of this community, here are 5 more reasons why we love being in the West Loop:

  1. Our neighbors are major companies and inspired young professionals.  Our newest location sits surrounded by major companies like Twitter, Google, Uber Technologies, Fieldglass, Rise Interactive, and Signal.  This large tech industry has been drawing young professionals into the neighborhood, creating a larger demand for local businesses and restaurants to support a growing local economy of the West Loop.  
  2. The West Loop is a foodie’s dream.  Randolph Street is packed with so many local eateries that it’s become known as ‘Restaurant Row.’  We’re proud to be a part of this food scene, as we vow to continue to serve up flavorful dishes, from savory and indulgent to light and healthy, to residents all across the city.
  3. The art scene is fantastic.  With dozens of diverse art galleries around, you can enjoy a full day of fun, inspiration and culture in the West Loop.  Stop in for breakfast with us before hitting the scene, or drop by after an art walk to end your day on an even higher note with some delicious treats.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a serious collector or an armchair collector, just like our menu, there’s a style for absolutely everyone.
  4. The West Loop draws fashionista’s from across the city.  It’s so much fun to watch the latest, edgy fashions walk by the windows as you dine with us.  The neighborhood has really seen a boost in local designers and entrepreneurs setting up shop.  They’re bringing in all sorts of unique boutiques and specialty stores to the area that are helping to define a distinguishable style within the Loop.  
  5. The people are what makes this area special.  The West Loop has really embraced us as a business and as a foodie destination.  There’s a very special, eclectic and energetic vibe about the culture of the neighborhood that we’re excited to be a part of, as we get to serve our friends and neighbors good eats every single day!    

Though the West Loop has been around for quite some time, it’s having its own sort of renaissance right now, that is so exciting for businesses, restaurants, artists, residents, visitors and everyone else lucky enough to share in the experience.  And now, Chicago Waffles is a part of that experience! So, come dine with us at our new location at 1104 West Madison Street or call for takeout at (312) 837-3935. We look forward to seeing all of our new neighbors!