Chicago Waffles


Why We’re the Best Place to Grab a “Cup ‘O Joe”

Coffee and breakfast go together like, well, pancakes and syrup!  It’s that morning ritual that brings comfort and energy to fuel our day to day routines.  We love that kick of caffeine that makes us feel alive, excited and ready to take on the world.  So, it’s no wonder that a hot cup ‘o joe fits so perfectly into our morning routines (hey, even our afternoon and evening routines).

There’s just nothing better than sitting down with a hot caffeinated beverage.  No, wait! There is – sitting down with a hot caffeinated beverage with a delicious meal to go with it!  Coffee is certainly not just a morning drink to be enjoyed with breakfast, but there’s something in its characteristics and properties, the warmth and the caffeine buzz, that have made it so that we identify it with our morning routines.

Sure, you could go just about anywhere and get an average cup of coffee in the morning.  But, when you come to Chicago Waffles, you get a great cup of coffee (or another caffeinated favorite), and you can pair it with something off of our amazing breakfast menu.  From various coffee confections, to hot chocolate and tea, we’ve got your pick-me-up right here!     

Most adult Americans are daily coffee consumers, and they crave that local coffee experience that helps them start their day off on the right foot.  Chicago Waffles is exactly that type of local, welcoming, environment that turns customers into regulars as soon as they walk through our doors. We know what it is that you crave most, and we work hard to pour our passions into every bite that we serve.      

That’s why we only serve the best, Intelligentsia premium coffee beans to our customers for all of our coffee creations.  And, it’s not just a hot cup ‘o joe you can enjoy. Our full caffeinated menu includes:

  • Coffee (Intelligentsia)
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Mocha
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Tea (Organic Breakfast Tea) Green Tea, Chamomile, Citrus, Mint, Earl Grey

Our customers love coming back to us time and time again because we work hard to create a welcoming environment with delicious, affordable food and high-quality coffee, as well as exceptional customer service.  That’s our promise to you. When you come in, we just know you’ll fall in love with our menu as well as the people. Our ability to create a sense of community, while meeting the individual needs of our customers, is what sets us apart from other coffee shops and restaurants out there.

So, if you love coffee in the morning, and you love good eats, then Chicago Waffles is the place for you!  But, don’t forget to stop by anytime you need to refuel throughout your day. We’ve got your perfect pick-me-up treats right here, 7 days a week!  And, don’t forget that you can now visit us at our new location in the West Loop at 1104 West Madison Street.