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World’s Most Expensive Brunch?

Waldorf_Astoria_New_York_-_Park_Avenue_EntranceEveryone loves a good Sunday brunch. In fact, brunch culture has become a fundamental feature of “adulting” amongst young 20-somethings. Some places brunch a little harder than others. One of the most expensive and lavish brunches in the country can be found at Peacock Alley, a restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC. The meal costs $105 for an adult. Mother’s Day brunch at Peacock Alley costs a whopping $175.

The brunch features a raw bar where you can find caviar, oysters, lobster, and more! Smoked fish and carving stations are also open for business. Wondering what’s on the menu? Let us sum it up for you. It’s roughly: “Smoked [meat/fish] with [location] [vegetable]”. For example, there’s “Blue Island Shellfish Farm Long Island Oysters on the Half Shell”, “Eastern Canadian Snow Crab”, and “Waldorf Astoria Double Smoked Salmon”.

For dessert, you can enjoy baked Alaska lollipops made with honey-
flavored ice cream (oh, and the honey was grown on the roof of the Astoria). If that’s not your style, there are over 100 gourmet desserts strewn around an insane chocolate fountain.

For brunch that’s a little more accessible, stop by Chicago Waffles. We don’t overthink it. We just make it taste good.