Egg your muscles

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We will agree that we are not some fanatics when it comes to nutrition, especially a “healthy” diet if it implies restraint to rules and prohibitions. Dietary diversity is an important segment of a healthy life, but it is also the occasional enjoyment of what we call unhealthy foods. What Buddhists would say we adhere to the Middle way. And when it comes to enjoying delicious meals, most of you will agree that eggs are an indispensable part of this story. In addition to being prepared in countless ways, eggs are also very healthy foods. Especially when it comes to your muscles.


Growing or sustaining muscle is the aim of many fitness routines. That is not just meant for bodybuilders and professionals. That is the goal of anyone who engages in regular physical activity. Of course, in addition to regular training nutrition plays an important role in achieving results. And we all know that protein is one of the main ingredients needed for muscle.

Adequate protein intake is crucial for helping to maintain muscle and keep it strong. In the first place, it helps in recovering the micro-tears that muscle tissue endures. So it will not build muscle only if you eat protein. You will need to exercise regularly for that. Protein is just an extra boost to your exercise efforts. Without protein, your muscles will simply not grow.

Eggs contain about 6 grams of high-quality protein, so high that it is used as the standard by which other foods are measured. Research has revealed that getting your first meal of the day rich in proteins appears with several benefits. When we digest the protein found in food, it is broken down into specific amino acids, high-quality amino acids that can be transported to the muscles faster than other amino acids. They are then selectively reassembled into proteins once again. Some people decide to only eat egg whites, but whole eggs are more effective for building muscle mass.


Most people are concerned that they are eating too many eggs every day. Don’t worry. According to Harvard Medical School, a study has shown that even eating 7 eggs a week has no impact on your health. In addition to being the best source of protein, eggs have other health benefits. They are a source of vitamin D. Eggs are among the best (and few) dietary sources of this immune-boosting vitamin. Eggs are also rich sources of selenium – an antioxidant that is important for thyroid function and our immune system and mental health – along with B6, B12, zinc, and iron. They are also great sources of antioxidants.

For many years eggs were thought to be unhealthy due to the great levels of cholesterol found in them. In fact, it was suggested to limit the number of eggs eaten. But this fact was introduced from what is now estimated incorrect inferences. They were pulled from early research saying that dietary cholesterol contributed to raise blood cholesterol. This opinion has been rejected today, especially since it has been proven that cholesterol is necessary.

But there was a lot of talking. Take a look at our menu right away and choose one of the many delicious egg dishes we offer. We are waiting for you at our locations.

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