Chicago Waffles


One of the best parts of about living in Chicago during the summer are the neighbor street fests. Every weekend from May until September there are multiple fests going on throughout the city, each celebrating the uniqueness of their neighborhood.

Whether you getting your 80’s fix in Roscoe Village, ribs in Lincoln Square or the live music in Edison Park, there is something for everyone in the city. Each fest brings their own flare to the city with their selection of food, crafts, spirits and live music.

It is much like the menu at Chicago Waffles. No matter what “breakfast neighborhood” you want to spend your morning in, you can find it here. Just like the neighborhoods in our great city, the sections on our menu, while each unique and different, combine to give you the complete dining experience.

Between our award winning waffles to our pancakes, crepes, omelettes and skillets we have everything your taste buds desire under one roof!

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