Chicago Waffles


If, like us, your first association with the phrase waffle cocktail is combining different waffles in the same meal, then maybe you should worry about your weight, but also about your mindset towards waffles. We’re kidding, of course. Rarely could anyone resist enjoying more different flavors of crunchy, delicious waffles? At least we know we can’t.

When we wrote the title of this blog, what came to our mind, was whether there are any ideal combinations of waffles and cocktails. And we came across some very interesting suggestions. Moscow mule and Cinnamon roll waffle would definitely be our suggestion.

When we are already at the cocktail party, let’s say a few words about cocktails. The popularity of cocktails is huge today. Most of us have our favorite combination that we like to enjoy. But we will certainly not surprise you if we tell you that cocktails or mixing of different alcoholic beverages go back a long way in history.

The earliest data that humans were brewing alcohol originates from residues in pottery jars found in northern China. These jars are dated from 7000 to 6600 B.C. In ancient Egypt, beer was considered the drink of the gods. Sumerians in Mesopotamia made beer between 3,000 to 2,000 B.C. Researchers have found over 20 various beer recipes inscribed on clay tablets. Ancient Greece was one of the earliest known centers of wine production. Alcohol played a vital role in religious and cultural events, but it was also widely used in medicine of that time.

You can assume that the first ideas about mixing alcoholic beverages are from these ancient times. The Minoan Cretans were mixing a proto-cocktail of beer, mead, and wine. In Homer’s Iliad, slave-girls made mixtures of wine, cheese, honey, and raw onions. These are just some of the historical examples of “protococktails”.

When it comes to the creation of modern cocktails, the situation is getting more complicated. It is not possible to say with certainty where the idea of ​​making these delicious mixes was firstborn. Many take the idea of ​​making the first cocktails as their own. But none had any direct evidence to support it. The term cocktail was even first seen in a British newspaper printed in March of 1798.

We may never know precisely when the first cocktail was made or who invented it, but it certainly won’t stop us from enjoying them. Cocktails are traditionally considered as an American innovation. But they were really at least somewhat inspired by British punches. Term cocktail wasn’t really explained as we know it until 1806, when The Balance and Columbian Repository of Hudson, New York, pinned the cocktail down to what we follow today: “a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters, vulgarly called a bittered sling.”

Whoever deserves it, we give them a full respect and gratitude that we can enjoy cocktails today. And you don’t waste your time, but choose one of our cocktails or delicious waffles. Or try which combination of waffles and cocktails suits you best. Have a nice meal and enjoy.